Friday, 25 February 2011

This week at Godiva Boutique!

This week at Godiva Boutique has been a busy one! I feel bad to have neglected my weekly blogging, twitters and shop duties but here is some evidence of what I have been doing instead. It has been 5 years this month since I got the keys for 9 West Port to create the new shop, proud times however the shop has not been painted since! The walls were looking a little tired so I decided this was the week to close for a couple of days and give Godiva a facelift! It has been quite a week and absolutely exhausting! these walls are big! but its done and we are back in business with some lovely shiny and clean shop! Just in time for the month of March which is gonna be a great one!
Here are some quick dates for your diary so far..........

This weekend is the end of the vintage and designer sale!! so get down to the shop before 1st March to get some last minute bargains! We will then be restocking the entire vintage backroom with lots of lovely spring/summer vintage!

Saturday 5th March I will be at Judy’s Affordable Vintage fair at the Drill Hall

Lovers of vintage would be foolish to miss this!!! The best market I have been too and taken part in. We will have a stall and expect to find vintage seller for all over the country. Start 11am until 4pm.

Also don't miss our 1st customer evening on 2011!! Thursday 10th March at Godiva shop starting at the earlier time of 5pm until 8pm, new vintage, introducing new jewellery and independent designers and of course new collections for our favourites like Rowanjoy, Fifi and Lost Forward. We will also be relaunching the Reworked Rail!! This promises to be a great evening at Godiva for all you lovely regulars and followers of Godiva.
I need to rush off as my epic week has not ended as I am about to take a quick trip to Bratislava to see some friends and do a bit of vintage shopping!
Have a good one! x

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