Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Alchemy Arts Author Event tomorrow!!

Kat Mackay is an illustrative artist with a conscious for creativity and recycling, so much so she has been working the last year to produce an excellent paperback book, a kind of "how to" of recycling fashion and craft. The craft book is a combined effort between Kate and Di Jennings, where they combine tales of mythical creatures and ancient customs with up-to-date tips for ethical fashion that seek to inspire rather than simply instruct.
The book launched this month and to celebrate Kate has organised a "recycling is chic" author event offering exhibits of photography and clothing featured in the book, workshops and stalls selling everything recycled and chic! Godiva will be there with a rail of reworked vintage and some designer sale items to choose from, so please support this great book and all the individual who spend their time doing their bit for fashion and the planet by coming up to the event tomorrow!!
It starts at 7:30pm at Christ Church, Morningside, (Holy Corner).

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Orient ExpressTea Dress- Made to Measure from Lost Forward.

Once again there is more fashion photography from designer Lost Forward. This perfectly fitted Tea dress is part of our Made to Measure range by this designer. Bring in your own fabric, have a consultation and fitting with the designer and walk away with a well fitted one of dress of your choice. xx

Thursday, 17 June 2010

More from Stolen Thunder....

Stolen Thunder is never out of the pages of the press and as been spotted on many a celebrity lately and so it should, this really affordable wooden and acrylic cut out Babushkas, Skipping Girls, Balloon girls, Anchors to name a few are the perfect for a gift or a treat for yourself. Each piece is made to a really high quality and are one of the most charming collections we have ever had the pleasure of stocking. Here are some pics of the latest delivery with prices ranging from £19 from the brooches and £25 for the necklace are welcome to buy online while the shop is still being constructed just drop me an email at mail@godivaboutique.co.uk or give me a call on 01312219212. x x

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Laura has been busy lately! so many shoots in so many days. Both these floral and checked dresses are in store and with a 10% off all Designers ranges in the showroom there are so many reasons to pop into Godiva this June!!

Monday, 7 June 2010


Hi-Dee describes itself as, "high quality denim jean, producing a fabric that feels good, last long with meticulous attention to detail" and they want to be "everybody's favourite jean". That's is certainly what they have become, especially in Godiva and I am happy to announce a restocking of the outstanding indigo denim range and this is the last of the production for this year so get them while you can. I personally already have 2 pairs and can assure they have become my favourite jeans. They don't fade or lose their great shape and are the most comfortable pairs of jeans I have and for £40 the greatest bargain jean around. These jeans are unisex too so good times for all you girls and boys!! x

We will soon be selling from our online shop but for now you can order online through email at mail@godivaboutique.co.uk or phone the shop on 01312219212.

You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Go-reborn 3

From the success and popularity of go-reborn collective pop-up shops set up by Godiva and Jaco Justice last year, I am really excited to announce there will be a go-reborn 3 this summer and this time it is switching platforms from pop-up to publication. We are still looking for artists, designers, illustrators and creative types to get involved and appear on the pages of this to be glossy one-off celebration all things independent and creative in the city!
So far we have been busy with fashion shoot of graduation designers. Here is a sneak teaser preview of what we got up to in the woods recently. It was a fantastic day shooting, with a top team of artistic minds, hairstylist, make-up artists and I can't wait to check out the final product on the pages of go-reborn 3. These photos are of behind the scenes of the shoot, you will have to wait for the publication to go to press to see the final results. Luckily we got some results, as Jono almost blinded the eye of photographer David Anderson with a stick while searching/playing in the woods for suitable location sites before the shoot. David Anderson did infact shoot all day with a rather painful puffy eye and rushed straight to A&E after! that is dedication in the name of art fashion and go-reborn. I applaud you David and your now eye-patched eye.
If you do want to be involved or have you work feature get in touch as soon as....time is ticking and deadline soon.