Tuesday, 30 March 2010


So yes we WON!! Thank you for everyone who voted. I am now the proud owners of a large printed piece of glassware, (see pic), and very happy in the knowledge that the Godiva Designer Showroom has finally gained some kind of recognition for all the hard work everyone has contributed to the space.
The Scottish Variety Awards are only in their second year but the turn out was huge and with categories such as best new band, writer, comedian, artist, the room was filled with lots of independent creative individuals. The were held in Glasgow at the Crown Plaza, despite the reception being at 7:30 we did not sit down to eat until 9pm and the awards were not until 10:30pm. The night was really good fun, the wine flowed and if I though we were going to win I may not have got so tipsy as my speech probably was not the most coherent and it was 11pm by the time our category was called. Apparently I had my phone voice one so can't of been that bad. I dragged designer Rowanjoy up on stage with me as she has over the years been one of the main designers and supporters of Godiva so it was a pleasure to have her on stage with me to pick up our first award. The rest of the night is a blur. I can say though I think I have one of the most fulfilling and fun weekends and it has taken me until Tuesday to actually getting round to my blog!
Still so very very proud and pleased. A great way to end and start the week. What next I wonder?...........

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Godiva raised £1600 for Children 1st charity

You may not know this but over the past 6 months Godiva has been working with a Charity called Children 1st. Who dedicate their time working in Scotland with children and families to change their lives for the better.
With support groups, befriending, helplines, trauma recovery groups, training centres, their work is invaluable to the lives of vulnerable Scottish children who may be suffering trauma due to abuse. This charity helps in supporting these children through a therapeutic environment to the make sense of their experiences and help to make their lives better and give them a future.


To raise money for the charity Godiva has been donating Made to Measure vouchers to events such as the Heather Ball in Glasgow and Burn's Reloaded Ball in Edinburgh. At auction one of our vouchers raised as much as £1000!!!! We are still waiting to hear back from other events, so far we have heard the burns night raised £600 and are very proud to be helping in this way.

Made to Measure just got better. xx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Laura Lees - nostalgic romance & rebelious love

It was the 1940s, and Cupid’s bow was slinging arrows from the tumultuous chests of rowdy sailors headed for the blood red lips of gypsy maidens at the next port of call...

The vibrantly illustrated embroidery of the Laura Lees Spring/Summer collection captures the essence of nostalgic romance and rebellious love and embodies an energy unfounded in conventional attire. Adding softness to her edgy sketches through the incorporation of light, airy satins, silks and fresh cottons, Lees’ comprehensive collection for the fairer months includes practical, yet effervescently hip macs, billowing Kafka-esque skirts and rebellious little black dresses with graphic designs that refuse to conform. We are truly proud to feature this capsule collection by home-grown star Lees, and we can’t wait to share this Godiva-only exclusive with our boutique devotees.

Sail your ship our way to see Lee’s cool summer collection and our other little treasures, old and new.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


It's been a while since the success of the Christmas Go reborn. One thing I loved most about goreborn was was the chance to work with talented local artists such as Charlie Anderson, Ross Christie, Matthew Swan, Elph, to name but a few. One work that especially grabbed my attention at the pop up shop was the work of Linda Mathison. It reminds me of the work of Dan Hiller who's work can be seen at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, East London every Sunday. His use of digital collage, illustration to abstract the human form into mythical type creatures is genius. Like that of Darwin these artists cross breed human forms with animals to create some truely great artworks. Linda's other subjects are classical cherubs and women, some colleages have been hand crafted on to glass frames, an effect that I really like especially like me if you a love for wallpaper, as this can be used as an interest backdrop.
I am really pleased to have Linda's work now in Godiva window. There have been some instant sales on this work probably due to the bargain prices Linda is selling her work at. Framed pictures are around £50-£60, so everyone can own a piece of art today!

Monday, 8 March 2010


Even though it may not seem like it we are on the countdown to the spring equinox!!! It's traditional this time of year to de-clutter and I am really enjoying it for once.
With this I have finally, after all this time of talking about it, I have got round to creating a seating area in Godiva shop floor and I have to say I am very pleased!! It's great and had my first cup of tea while sitting chatting to Rowan this morning.
The area is predominantly for our Made to Measure consultations but it has been graced today by some tired customers who wish to put their feet up for a moment or two and friends who have popped in for a chat. I also dug out an old coffee machine so your welcome to have a cup of tea or coffee out of one of my random china tea cups.
Pop in soon!! xx

Monday, 1 March 2010

Newletter - Dates for your March Diary!!

I have finally got round to writing a Godiva Newletter with some very important dates for your March 2010 diary! please check it out at this link so you don't miss out! xx