Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sunny Shopping down London Town

I have just come back from short jaunt down in London. The sun had its biggest hat on while I tripped around all the usual shopping haunts, I do find it hard and exhausting trying to fit everything in! There is always so much to check out and I over used my Oyster card jumping on and off tubes. I only took a few photos throughout my travels but here is a little selection.

I had a great time as always. I love checking out what everyone else is up to, what kind of vintage they have and what the new & independent designers are creating. It is definitely the bonus side of my job!
I did my usual tours, such as Brick Lane vintage stores which seemed to have multiplied since I last visited, especially along to road towards Beyond Retro, this being one of the most famous and biggest. If you are prepared to rummage the endless packed rails you will always find something at an affordable price. I picked up a great floral & pokadot print jumpsuit for £20.
Of course while around Brick Lane do check out The Laden Showroom for all the latest independent designers there. I picked up some great summer pieces by Emily & Fin.

My lovely London thift informant Leona from Thriftola told me about an antique flea market that she was going on at the Camden Passage on Wednesday. So I went along to meet her. I think this runs every Wednesday. If you get off the Islington Angel tube station its a 2 minute walk to a fantastic array of antiques, crockery, furniture, nic naks, from postcards to strange ornamental collectors pieces. You name it one of these sellers will have it. It was a great place to have a good look around.
I especially feel in love with this strip light letters invention, (pictured). These were in the window of a highly recommended shop called Odyssey, 11 Pierrepont Arcade. This shop, like the 20 other units are more permanent than the Wednesday market folks. The owner informed us that the letters are in fact 1920's design. I was indeed jealous and still dreaming of owning these letter lights. I still can't believe its 1920's.
If you make your way through this little street of what is called the Pierrepont Arcade you find yourself entering more little street adorn with some really great thrift sellers. This trip is definitely worth it. For those in search of proper vintage yet worth it look no further than Cloud Cuckoo Land and Annie's. These shop do come with a price tags but Cloud Cuckoo LAnd for me was simple beautiful and worth every penny. Gorgeous original and perfect condition 1920's and 1950' dresses in particular, also a range of vintage wedding dresses. If you really want to see what real vintage is like take a trip to these stores.
If you have the energy then go to the Old Spitalfields vintage Market! I think it runs every Thursday. I turned up on a hot sunny day and only got round a quarter of what was on offer! These stall offer proper market prices and bartering. Of course when visiting Spitalfields you always have to check out the New and Independent designers there. I met designer Chung Rowe, (pictured), selling her hand made beautiful jewellery and clothing and hope to have her collection on Godiva soon!!
A shopping trip to London is always worth it but do plan ahead and there really is too much to check out and see.
Have a good bank holiday weekend!
Fleur xx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Grassmarket Festival this weekend!

We have been so lucky with the weather of late, really lucky for those of you that have been able to take advantage of the long Easter and the bank holiday weekend coming up I hope the sun keeps it's hat on for you all, and for the Grassmarket Festival this weekend!
This newly introduced festival is running over 3 days, Friday until Sunday, 12noon until 8pm. It boasts lots of independent arts market stalls and live music by some of Scotland's newest talented bands.
With some dancing organised by the Dancebase this promises to be a very local and vibrant few days.
Rowanjoy & Godiva will be hosting a stall on the Saturday market so we hope to see you there and of course the shop will be open all these days!

Have a good week!
Fleur x

Monday, 4 April 2011

Only The Gallus

According to Wikipedia, the word Gallus is, "a british dialect word, cheifly Scottish, derogatory in origin and meaning, wild, a rascal; deserving to be hanged (from the Gallows)'; later meaning
1. Self confident, daring, cheeky;
2. Stylish, impressive. "
Jewellery Designer Caroline Cloughley behind this intriguing, slightly macbre but balanced with beauty is really doing something different and I like it.
It is not that she dislikes Butterflies and Moths but in fact is slightly scared of them. Again she doesn't actively go out with a net and catch them, they are kindly donated by the Edinburgh Butterfly farm once they pass away from natural causes.
I love the concept and definitely have not seen such an imagination before. Caroline is celebrating the beauty of the butterfly, the colours and individual patterns of their wings.
Her work is hand-crafted well with Sterling silver casing and fastenings.
These fasinating pieces are not for everyone but like wikipedia defines, I do think you need a certain amount of daring to wear these hand crafted pieces of art but when you do, you do with great style.
Only the Gallus in now in store with a range of earring and necklaces pop in and check them out for yourself!
Fleur x

Friday, 1 April 2011

The Paper Dress for Fashioning an Ethical Industry

Here at Godiva we have always supported the work of Labour being the label. We have always has a conscience and support ethically produced fashion. This is why our showroom is full of local designers work hand-making their own garments. We are very proud to have this wonderful

one off Paper Dress which has been created by sisters Kate and Fi MacKay, and decorated by local fashion students for a project created by the organisation Fashioning an Ethical Industry.

The project is in support of the of Labour Behind the Label, an organization that promotes awareness and push for change in the working conditions behind many of our high street stores, but most importantly to change people’s perceptions of fashion and encouraging international solidarity between workers and consumers.

Fashioning an Ethical Industry work with fashion based students and tutors to educate and inform the future generation of industry workers, so that they will in turn go on to push for higher standards in their workplace.

The Paper Dress was created at an awareness event that was held in Edinburgh's Drill Hall space, the day revolved around a series of talks, discussions and workshops. We have put this wonderful paper dress in the window of Godiva to help raise awareness of these fantastic campaigners. Please visit their website today and support their work in anyways you can. By either the way you buy your clothes or supporting their campaign by joining up today!

To find out more and how you can get involved please visit:


Have a great weekend! fleur xx