Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas Shopping Invitation

It's that time of year again and about time that wee threw a customer evening at the shop!
Come to 9 West Port this Thursday 2nd December, 6-8:30pm for some discounts off designer & vintage, some winter drinks, cupcakes and cookies!

We would love to help you get some ideas and some presents bought so you can enjoy the rest of the Christmas season.

To make life even better we will wrap your Godiva gifts for you on the night.

It would be great to see you at the shop this week!

Remember if you can't make it to the shop that we are now online!!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Tune for the weekend

I am listening to "Crave You by Flight Facilties feat. Giselle Roselli" now for weeks and can not get enough of it. I think it feels a little more like summer, but maybe it will warm you from inside. Especially the video fascinates me. Have a look, hope you like it as I do!

Flight Facilities - Crave you Feat. Giselle [Official Video] from Flight Facilities on Vimeo.

XX Lara

New Gold Godiva Gift Voucher

This year we have created a new gift voucher for Christmas. Available in store or online. The voucher is a glossy postcard with envelope. Let us know how much you want and who for and we will even post it out for Christmas for FREE.
Gift vouchers are a great gift for Godiva as we have such a vast selection of designer and vintage goodies that it can me sometime hard to decide what to you buy. A gift voucher gives that person the freedom to choose.
Gift vouchers start at £10 and over.
Phone us today, pop into the shop at 9 West Port or buy from the online store.
We just made Christmas a lot easier! x x

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Super soft! bamboo cotton & silk lounge wear from LittleSisterLucy

Edinburgh Based underwear designer Little Sister Lucy has create a gorgeous new collection called, "Every Cloud", a super soft bamboo cotton & silk range for Christmas! So comfortable and stylish, I will be adding these to my Santa list!!
Bamboo cotton has become increasingly popular due to it being more ecologically and less chemically produced fabric creating a very soft touch and the perfect product for those with sensitive skin.
We love it!! xx

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Vintage Winter woolies!

if we are to believe all this talk about the weather.......have heard nothing but talk of the first white stuff from shivering customers all day, as I hug my radiator while my nose turns to ice, then yes the snow is a day away! To combat the coming of the cold we have a heap of great Icelandic knits, coats and hats!!


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Interview with Gemma Carver

Last week I went to Nonchalant's pop-up Shop, organised by Such and Such Studio. The collective of artists and jewelry makers are renting out their studio in Leith regularly for exhibtions, pop-up shops etc. The space is just perfect for events like this.

Gemma was so nice to give me a interview about the the brand Nonchalant, her inspirations, her current collection and favorite places in Edinburgh, before she headed to India again last week.

L: How did everything start with Nonchalant?

G: Nonchalant started about four years ago and just after I worked a while for other people, I wanted to do my own label. I decided to do Nonchalant, but then wanted to go back to do a little bit more production. I worked in a chashmere production house in India for 9 months and then felt more comfortable to start my own label.

L: Who or what has the biggest influence on your work?

G: That‘s an interesting question. I would say that India has the biggest influence on my work, especially the colours, because you always see so many beautiful bright colours everywhere and women are wearing those crazy coloured saris on the street. Furthermore the aesthetics and social structure of India which finds itself in rich and poor. This can be seen in my work, as well, I often use rich fabrics and jewels and try to contrast it with more simple and cheaper fabrics.

L: Why is India the place of your choice?

G: It has always been a place which felt like home since I travelled to India the first time. I started working there for my graduate show and experienced that India has this unlimited potential in terms of dying, embellishment, crystal work, laser printing. Additionally Indians have the skills to everything I wanted to make and I was overwhelmed by the crazy possibilties they had there. I fell in love with this country and I have been going back ever since.

L: What does designing mean to you?

G: I think that anyone can draw a sketch, but translate it into a pattern and then translate the pattern into a fabric and produce it in the end, is the real challenge. Designing is not just the first concept for me, but the whole process of knowing everything from the design itself to the whole manufacturing process. To be a good designer you have to know everything, a simple idea is just not enough.

L: What is the name of your future collection and what will be the story behind it?

G: I always think about the story first, before I decide for a specific name. The next story is about survival and adaptation. I want to create a wardrobe that fit into your bag and which is movable. My ideal creation would be to have only ten pieces of clothing which are all interchangeable and as garments themselves are adaptable. I want to make it concise.

L: What kind of materials do you like to use for your collections?

G: Definitely silks, leathers, fur or maybe even fake fur, because it is always about being ethical. The last collection was about being a warrior and feminine at the same time. This has been reflected in my materials, as well. In my next collection I will use a lot of silk jerseys and bamboo fabrics as organic fabrics. It shall create a more natural range and „back to the basic“ atmosphere.

L: Where can we buy your collection?

G: You can buy my current collection in Godiva which is my main retailer in Scotland and you can also check it online.

L: How does a typical working day at Nonchalant look like?

G: Most of the time, I am in India and there I pick up my tailor in the morning with my motor bike and drive him to his work place which is my studio and we discuss the jobs of the day, new designs and fabrics. During lunch I go out to pick up a fresh juice and often head to the beach to swim a little bit. In the evening I pick up my tailor again and drive him home.

Coming to Edinburgh as your second city of choice...

L: ...what is your favorite place to relax?

G: Mmh...this is a hard one. I usually come here to work, but I really like to go up Carlton Hill, enjoy the 360° view and realize where I am.

L: ... what is your favorite restaurant?

G: One of my favorite places is Urban Angel, because you can get organic food there and you can get little main courses. Good for trying everything!

L: ... where do you go out for drinks?

G: Bramble is a good place to go out for drinks.

L: ... where do you go out for dancing?

G: My favorite place is Bella‘s (her assistant) living room. It is like we are having our own private club there and I prefer private parties anyway.

L: ... where do you shop in Edinburgh?

G: The best places to shop are, apart from Godiva, of course, is Corniche which is a shop which has a few of my favorite designers like Comme des Garcons and Vivienne Westwood.

Thanks very much Gemma for the interview!

XX Lara

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Rowanjoy A/W in store today!

Rowanjoy's latest A/W 10 collection has just come off the catwalk for L'oreal and straight into the shop this morning! her tweed and vintage fabric capes have been best seller this autumn/winter and both dresses are now part of the Made to Measure range! so if you are still looking for that special dress this winter then pop into the shop and Rowan would love to create that dress for you!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Nonchalant Fashion Show

After a day at Godiva, designer Rowanjoy and I I headed down to a private view of Nonchalant's new collection which was held in Gemma Carver‘s georgian flat. I have personally known her for years now and even spent some time in India investigating fashion and factories. A great adventure together. Gemma spends half of the year in India, sourcing fabrics and working on collections to present to the western market.

The flat was filled with many of Gemma's family and supporters. Gemma has set up a small shop like room to display her collection before and after what was going to be a mini fashion show event in the living room. Everyone gathered round with glasses of wine, music went on and last minute lighting was erected! Very pop-up show style.

Gemma has a very distinct style. In her new collection, I especially loved the short fitted colourfully embroidered jackets. All the embroidery had been done by a family close to Gemma‘s house in Goa. The tight fitting red jersey dresses were the perfect complement to the jackets.

Lara was spontanously involved in the show as one of the models. She cut a video afterwards which I had taken during the show.

Nonchalant Fashion Show from Lara Dietrich on Vimeo.

Overall I really enjoyed the evening and a private view pop up showcase in a home is something Rowanjoy and I are now working on for the spring. Watch this space for updates!

The girl from Germany

Guten Tag!

I'm Lara and currently helping at Godiva where I will be mostly contributing to the blog with updates of what's going on, events and anything else I feel the world should know about Godiva. So you will be hearing from me on a regular basis.
I just moved to Edinburgh three months ago from Germany to start my master's degree in Fashion and Textiles Management at the Heriot-Watt University in Galashiels.
I come from a small town in the western part of Germany, but moved to Cologne in 2007 to start my Bachelor in International Business which I finished this year. During my studies I had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Manila, Philippines which was a challenge, but first and foremost pretty exciting and formative. After that I went to New York City for three months and did an internship in the Global Marketing Department at Siemens Enterprise Communications. As you can imagine, another great experience and especially living in NYC blew me away. All this „living-abroad“ caused a steady wanderlust, that is why I chose to do my Master's degree in Scotland.

I like: travelling, New York City, Proenza Schouler, Phoenix, dancing, food (curries), cats, fashion blogs, Vintage, discovering nice shops and bars

I don't like: getting up early, rain, cold, being hungry, parties with silent music

I hope I can contribute a lot to Godiva and the blog. Nice to meet you all!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday pics of the day

(Above:Rowanjoy Apollo Skirt. Part of the Made to Measure range.)
(Above: Rowanjoy Daggerdress. Available instore.)

It's the start of the week and I am full of the cold but that's not going to stop a little blog here and there. This week we will be updating you on the Nonchalant launch and introducing you to Lara our new blogger correspondent, who you will be hearing a lot more from in the Godiva blog and we are very pleased to have her on board.

Today however I will introduce again to photographer Christina Carr Caso,, who has began to work with Godiva and with some model test shots styled in some hand picked pieces from the showroom.
Today's pics of the day feature model Red Drummond from Model team and the clothing is by Rowanjoy! Both dress and Apollo high-waisted pencil skirt are still available and remember the Apollo skirt is now part of the Made to Measure range! So if still looking for that something to wear in the Christmas party season this skirt is a fantastic easy to wear option in any colour and fabric combination you want to stand out from the crowd in!

Start your Christmas wishes early!