Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The science of 'Up To Much'

Up To Much describes itself as, "a very small Edinburgh company all about intriguing designer made in small volume using the democratising power of modern industrial magic". We are extremely excited and pleased to introduced this cleverly designed work into the showroom for this Spring/Summer.
There is a science to this work and here is it in the designers own words.........
"These 3D Plyoptic pendant & rings has been made using a cutting edge 3D printing process: It isn't cast, or constructed, it is laid down in the form of hundreds of layers of stainless steel powder bonded together, then finally infused with molten brass to make it solid and strong. The colour varies from a silver grey to a subtle champagne and is very attractive. The surface is not polished, but shows some of the layers of the process - it's quite wonderfully honest in that way."

We at Godiva are really impressed with this really different approach to accessory design and these pieces are unisex.
We are waiting for the brightly coloured Polyoptic Nylon pieces to arrive soon too so keep watching this space!
This collection is limited edition but can be made to order and we will be selling this collection on the online store!

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