Thursday, 25 April 2013

Godiva at Noir Spring Fair

This Sunday you will find Godiva at Noir Spring Fair!  The fair will be held at Summerhall in Edinburgh and there will be lots of goodies to buy including fashion, art and food.

At the Godiva stall we will have a wide range of products to suit everyone including, scarfs, jewellery, handbags and clothing.  Exclusive to Noir we will be selling colourful animal print in today! We will also be selling some of our favourite designers, including Mollie Brown and Paperthinks.  Here is a sneak peak of what will be on sale....

We look forward to seeing you there for a relaxing Sunday browsing the stalls.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Paperthinks Handbags and Accessories

These beautiful Paperthinks accessories have added a pop of colour to Godiva this Spring.  After the first delivery of Paperthinks quickly sold out, we now have more in stock.  Godiva is a proud stockist of this eco-friendly brand.  You will find the colourful bags, purses and Ipad cases in store .  These are the shoppers which come in lovely colours and are a great size for an everyday bag. You can find them in store or online here. 

Paperthinks is “dedicated to producing eco-friendly sustainable and quality products without sacrificing style and design”.  All the products are bound with 100% recycled soft leather which is durable and resilient but still feels light and flexible.  The leather is recycled by compressing an assortment of leather scraps, which are then dried, cut and shaped.  They are then ready for colour treatment before being made in to the new product.  The final product is free of chemicals harmful to the consumer and the environment.

What more could you want than a beautiful environmentally friendly handbag? How about a recycled leather Ipad case to match?  These Ipad cases come in a range of great colours and offer excellent protection for your Ipad.  They are a perfect gift idea.  You can buy them online here.

Also in stock we have these great file folder made from recycled leather.  They are a classic envelope style but more durable and great for protecting your documents.  So why note brighten up your boring office with one of these.  There are lots of colours to choose from here.

Godiva loves Paperthinks because it shares the same eco-friendly values as Godiva.  The products are sustainable which is really important.  Not only that – Paperthinks also has a beautiful design aesthetic, creating simple, classic shaped bags and accessories.  They come in a wide range of colours, including bright and classic colours, which allows consumers to express themselves and convey their personal style. 

Which colour best suits your personality? 

Check out the website are for more products.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Style inspriation: 10 ways to tie a vintage scarf

This year is Godiva's 10 year anniversary! This is a great achievment and we are so thankful to our customers.  So throughout the year we will be running promotions and special products for our wonderful customers.  

To start off the 10 year celebrations we are offering customers a lucky dip on our online shop - 3 vintage scarves for £10! We have a huge selection of scarves in lots of different colours and patterns, classic, retro, regal, floral and geometric.  

Vintage scarves are great for so many occasions.  They can add colour and a vintage twist to an outfit among many other things... We have come up with 10 ways to tie a vintage scarf to give you inspiration for your lucky dip purchase!

1. Do The Twist: Great for the beach or a festival.

An easy headband style. Fold the scarf so it is long and thin.  Start with the centre of the scarf at the nape of your neck and bring the two ends to the top of your head.  Twist them twice (or more if it is longer) and bring them back down to the nape of your neck. Tie it securely and tuck in the ends.

 2. Side Rosette: A popular choice. Add a bit of vintage glamour to your country walk or decorating the house to name but a few.

Fold the scarf so it is long and thin (if it is a square scarf fold it diagonally in to a triangle first - this will give you more length).  Put the scarf over your head and tie at the side.  Twist the ends round in to a rosette shape and tuck the ends in to secure it.  

 3. Roman Holiday: A simple way to add some style to a day outfit.

Simply wrap the scarf round your ponytail and let the corners hang by your ponytail.

 4. Bows Away: A cute retro look.

Fold the scarf so it is long and thin.  Start with the centre at the nape of your neck.  Take the ends to the top of your head and tie to the side.  Tie securely then tie in a big bow and tuck the ends in.  You can pull out the bow and shape it so it looks bigger.

5. Driving In My Car: A glamorous look for spring.  Imagine driving in the countryside with the car roof down!

Simply fold a square scarf in half so it is triangle shaped.  Put over your head and tie under your chin.  Don't forget the sunglasses to complete the look!

 6.  The Cowboy:  Add a vintage touch to any outfit.

Fold the scarf in to a triangle.  Have the tip of the triangle at your front and cross the ends behind your neck letting the corners hang at the front.

Use your scarf to accessorise!

7.  Bag Tie:  Tie a colouful scarf round the handle of your bag to add colour to a plain bag.

8.   Belt Up:  Put a scarf through the belt loops in your trousers and tie.  Looks great with jeans and denim shorts for a vintage touch.

 Don't want to wear your scarf?

9.  Wrap It Up: Why not use your vintage scarf to wrap presents.  Or wrap it round your lunch box like owner of Godiva, Fleur, did.  Who doesn't want to add a bit of vintage glamour to their lunch?

10.  Home Improvements:  Use your vintage scarf to tie a pretty bow round a plain glass vase.  A perfect affordable way to brighten up a room.

Now you have lots of uses for your vintage scarfs.  You can buy them online here.

 How will you tie your scarf?