Friday, 19 August 2011

60's psychedelia kaleidoscopic print, JOI umbrellas now in store

Here at Godiva we think everyone should look good in the rain, and we definitely have enough chances all of Britains four seasons, or what the designers behind these JOI umbrellas state that rain is a pretty integral part of British life, therefore the umbrella is a symbol of Britain.
For the first time ever we now stock umbrellas and not just any old £1.99 throw away but stylish slender ones. There is great attention to detail and style with these named, 'Lundy' umbrellas and these British designers really have added some class to the mundane black brolly which just fuels the depression the constant rain can bring.
The umbrellas come in raspberry & chocolate colours as seen. They features exclusive artwork from Jethro Haynes. Originally from the West Country, Jethro relocated to London where he lives today, his work has been seen across many different mediums including Dazed & Confused and Illustrated Ape. Jethro combines 60’s psychedelia with his underwater abyss to present this kaleidoscopic print. The print in on the inside and is not visible from the outside. A feature that definitely makes it stand out from the competition.
We love them and are doing our rain dance daily!!
Each umbrella come with a lovely gift tag and box you can bring some JOI into someone else life as well as your own.
Now in store and soon to be online.

Have good weekend! xx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bold arrival of Sarah Ho

ECA fashion graduate Sarah Ho collection has arrived in the shop this week to inject some serious colour and bold shapes into the store this month. Graduating this year from the Edinburgh College of Art, new designer Sarah Ho is extremely determined and is focused on one day having her own boutique with her name above the door.
Sarah is a fun and energetic designer and I think this reflects in this collection. The collection in her own words is about, "simple cuttings and cut-outs. I was influenced by architectural minimalism the idea of structural, angular formation. My concept is exploring the issues of intersecting shapes".
She explains her theories based on the the nostalgia of the computer games Tetris, this giving her inspiration of interconnecting shapes of bright and bold colours.

We are really please to have Sarah Ho in the showroom not only for her block colour injection bringing smiles to faces but the fact that there is definitely a great future for this very determined designer, she is one to watch.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Handpicked Vintage clothing now online

For years I have been meaning to get organised to sell vintage clothing online. First came to online shop of accessories and now finally I am pleased to say I have made a start on posting up some hand picked vintage treats on the store for you, spurred on by the success of selling on ASOS marketplace!
Here is the first installments on the store and I promise to keep posting some of the best that comes our way.
Feedback is always appreciated and here at Godiva we do want to give you want you want so do let us know.
Thanks to photographer Meghan Gibion who spends most of her time behind the camera than in front, for so sweetly modelling these frocks.
Have a good weekend!
Fleur x

Monday, 1 August 2011

The beautiful creative mind of Baba Ganoush

Glasgow based designer Baba Ganoush never fails to impress us with her skill and imagination. I have never seem anything like her work. The shoulder pieces and collars are so unique and beautiful. They can be worn with the plainest top and jeans or to accessories that wedding outfit. The pieces have just arrived and never stay in the shop longer than a few weeks! so pop in when you can to see these pieces or art decorating the shop floor.
We love!