Monday, 28 September 2009

Catwalk photos from Noir fashion Show.

Thanks to photographer Dagmara Widerman for sharing some of her shots from the Noir fashion show. All the photos are of Rowanjoy's A/W09 collection.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Go Reborn artwork for sale

for those of you who missed the go-reborn pop up creative collective we ran for the summer missed out!! but you can keep checking the website and blog for more stories, photos and general underground chatter and gossip. 
After clearing out the artwork by local artist some of the pieces have found a temporary home in Godiva shop and we are still selling it on behalf of the Artist. The festival photography is by 
Solas Nicol. 
The 'girl in hood' is by the local and renowned Elph who  especially created this piece for go-reborn. PLease email me at for more information and prices. 
Have a good weekend! xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


After the success of last year artist Lorna Pirrie has joined the forces of the Grassmarket & West Port shop traders and the ECA artist to host another Art Walk. As of tomorrow each shop will display an Art Work especially commissioned for their particular shop. Godiva will once again be displaying the work of Illustrator Matt Swan, who this year will be teaming up with Genevieve Ryan ( Both artist were also part of the Go-reborn pop-up collective we set up this year in August, so they feel like old friends! 
I am very much looking forward to what the are going to create in the window of Godiva and tomorrow all will be revealed! The Art Walk starts tomorrow and will run until October 4th. 
The photos are of Matt Swans creation last year's Art Walk. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Am feeling generous and have been clearing out the vintage rails. There is still a SALE on all vintage 20% OFF the marked price but for an extra treat the bargain bin is £5 an item or 3 for £12:50!
You've never had it so good! come spend your pennies on a classic.x

Friday, 18 September 2009


Last night's fashion show art music menage a trois was a spectacular event and I was so pleased that Godiva had been one of the 6 high quality, individual independent stores asked to be involved. For the first time in a long time I was backstage dressing my assigned model Diana Strausa from Colours Model Management Glasgow. She was perfect for the collection that we showcased and a real pleasure to work with. Backstage always has such high energy, there was a lot of laughter, wine and it was a good chance to chat to the models and to the other designers. Stylist Ian Tod was not there to style this time but to dress in drag for a show finale! The lovely ever-so-cute Asta was backstage to, dressed as Alice in Wonderland's white rabbit. I forgot how quickly you have to move, change, deal with disasters. We only had one hitch throughout the changes where we could not place one of the feather vintage hats on Diana in time before she ran off to go out. I chased her down the corridor and nearly end up on the runway myself with hat and hairpins in hand with a slight flustered rouge glow. I would like to thank Nikki Kent who came along to assist me backstage. It was her first backstage experience and hopefully not her last.
Despite not actually seeing the show live, I did manage to watch the replay film throughout the after party. Being backstage was great, you do gain a sense of being are part of the process and success of the show, and this was certainly a show that I was pleased to be a part of.
I would like to thanks Anna and Jonathan Freemantle for their brilliant creation NOIR. These two individual really know how to have a fashion party.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

New Additions

Since I have been away there have been some new additions to the designer showroom. The first photo introduces Pure by Catriona Garforth. Her dresses named spirit, layercake, bubbalou and razzle are all hand-dyed cotton with boned bodices for a perfect fit and structure, each dress can also be made to order.
The second photo is a recent ECA graduate Linsey Orr, who has created a range exclusive to Godiva. Her big bow clutches and bow elasticated waist belts are a perfect accessory fo the A/W09.

Back in Godiva

After spending the month at the go-reborn site it is really great to be back in the Godiva shop. This morning greeted me back with magical moment where the sun was shining in through the window hitting the cluster of glitterballs that have hung there since Christmas. The sunlight bounced dancing lights around the walls while i listened to Indian summer by The Doors. It's special solitude moment like this that help me reflect on the joys and achievements of running Godiva. I would also like to introduced my latest furniture feature, thanks to Holly at Totty Rocks I am now the proud owner of this 1960's cocktail bar which doubles as my front desk. Mine's a martini. Feel free to bring your own cocktail glass.........