Friday, 25 March 2011

'Stay at home Sunday Girl" S/S collection by Rowanjoy

Since the snow started to melt I have been witness to Rowanjoy's hard work in the studio creating this stunning new Spring/Summer collection. Inspired by floral, stripe, denim, silks, and lace this feminine collection is very atypical of Rowanjoy style and really on trend with her super cute playsuits with scalloped detailed pockets. Again flared shorts with scalloped pockets, so easy to wear I have already invested in these! As for those who have a summer wedding this year and still have nothing to wear....look no further that her new dress range.
Rowanjoy has been filling the showroom of Godiva for years with her fun, playful and skillfully created collections, I don't think th shop floor would ever look right without some of her fashion magic. Oh and this photoshoot she recently did with her long term friend/great photographer Paul Marz once again is another beautiful collection of work. Rowanjoy is indeed in a class of her own and everyone should own a piece from her.
Fleur x

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Salute the Spring sun with these pretty & on trend florals/spots & stripes by Virginia Morley

I personally have been so happy this week to start packing up my winter wardrobe of black cardi's and thick socks to make way to salute the Spring sun with some colour and this season big trend again, floral! Yesterday was not only my birthday but the Equinox of Spring. The days are not longer and longer and the sun is finally gracing us with its presence just in time for these super cute bright floral dress range from designer Virginia Morley.
Virgina is one of the old skool designers for Godiva and a good friend. Now living back in her hometown of Australia she still manages to supply us with her skilled and very pretty work from across the globe!
All Virginia's fabrics have been hunted down and handed down from bygone years giving them a really sense of quality, memories and individuality that you get from using vintage fabrics from bygone years. Each one hand crafted and one off you can't go wrong in investing on one of these newcomers to the showroom.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nature inspired Sterling Silver by Alexis Southam

We have had such a great influx of new jewellery designers we have had to buy in an extra cabinet for the shop floor. Those of you attending tomorrows evening from 5-8pm will have first peak at the huge range in price and creativity in jewellery that we have on offer this Spring/Summer.
I have just updated the online store with this beautifully handcrafted work by Alexis Southam.

Alexis Southam is a Edinburgh based jewellery designer taking inspiration from natural landscapes, flora and fauna to design contemporary bespoke jewellery with strong but delicate motifs. This collection has been inspired by Rosemary leaves and the Scottish Stag.
During her degree in Jewellry Design at Middlesex University, Alexis learned traditional silversmithing techniques such as intricate hand piercing, which she translates into decorative, desirable pieces with an enduring quality.

Alexis Jewellery is made to the highest standard and all her sterling silver is hallmarked when over 7.78grams and if it does not need to be it is stamped with '925' (fineness symbol for sterling silver).

Alexis's silver work is produced with different finishes to create either a polished, matte and oxidised effect.

We love this new range!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Godiva at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair!!

My favourite vintage fair is coming to town tomorrow and I will be there with some fantastic Spring/Summer vintage! 80"s jumper lovers and in for a special treat as I have some of the best 80's jumper creations I have even seen!! Floral dresses, blouses, this season Maxi dress hunter won't be disappointed too. I have clutches a plenty and some great cameo necklaces! Too much and too excited I may not sleep.
So come find me tomorrow and check out this great fair, it really is not to be missed.

Find the fair here

Fair start at 11am-4pm.
Entry: £2 ....£1 for NUS/OAP

Out of the Blue, The Drill Hall
36 Dalmeny Street

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Recycle & 'Reworking' Vintage Project- First glances!

Untitled from Lara Dietrich on Vimeo.

Untitled from Lara Dietrich on Vimeo.

I had mentioned in past blogs about when Godiva first started I began, what I named, the ‘Reworked’ rail. This rail represented the creative imaginations of some ECA students at the time. This project I started due the excess unsold vintage I had and wanted to do something with the clothing, as the fabric, prints, colours etc were too good just to throw away. So why not just trim, tuck, pin, cut and create new garments or simple make a vintage garment more wearable.

This is the theory behind the reworking project, breathing new life in to something forgotten.

To sell vintage is to recycle and breathe new life into it, but to customize and ‘rework’ it is to give a whole new look, celebrates its charm or uniqueness and display great skill and imagination for the sewer/designer.

I spent my life in charity shops as a child with my mother. She was great with a sewing machine and was always customising garments. I have fond memories of my 10th birthday fancy dress party. I for some reason unbeknown to me now wanted to go as Miss Piggy from the Muppets. My mother created a big white puffy ball dress out of white dress and white bin bags and with my Miss Piggy mask to finish the outfit I remember feeling so happy as my pig princess. I was so proud of her creation, I thought it genius, beautiful and couldn’t believe she has created it. When I look back I realise that there must be this connection with what I do now at Godiva. I really love and very impressed by peoples imagination and skill to create something great out nothing.

With all this childhood reflection I must get to the actual point. What I am talking about is the freedom of imagination and challenge in reworking, it should be fun and be impressive.

There has been an upsurge in reworking vintage, Urban Outfitters call it, ‘Urban Renewal”, Blue Rinse have their range called ‘Remade’. However, I recent trip to see these ranges in shops I found that the reworking they were doing was so simple. They were cute and sellable but for me lack imagination, ‘sort of seen it before’, turning vintage customising into something generic and resembling that of the high street.

At Godiva, as you know, this is a fashion crime! It takes the fun out of it, out of wearing it and being individual. It’s a great skill and challenge to recycle vintage and it should be something that makes you take a second look, be excited about what someone has created out of something that would maybe otherwise been thrown away.

With the imminent re-launch of our Reworked rail next Thursday 10th at our customer evening you will find some excellent examples of individual talent, skill and imagination in reworking vintage. The student designers who have taken up the challenge set to them by Godiva and we are going to display and offer you the chance to buy these first installments to the rail!This is only just the beginning of what we what to be a great re-addition to the showroom and we could find our next designer star!

Lara once again has been a great help with the project so far and made some short video of Kirsten Orme and Aimi Mackay from Galasheills Textiles College talking us through some great ideas in their recycling minds.

So do watch the videos and remember to come to Godiva shop next Thursday 10th March 5pm-8pm to see the vast array of different Reworked work done by this great group of fashion students.

Fleur x