Wednesday, 2 February 2011

It's February, It's Valentines

So pleased that January is over! It is never a fun month for shops, what with tax returns and the slump after Christmas! It's has not all been bad, we have had some great stock the Sale and made a lot of folk happy. The designer and vintage sale runs for another week or so.
I was also really pleased and excited to have got such an amazing response from students and keen sewers for the reworking vintage project! The idea being that Godiva supplies sewers with unsold vintage clothing and then these skilled and creative people go away and either rework in subtle or ways of completely deconstruct and create a new piece to then bring back for the rail in the shop for selling! We love to recycle!
So now it is February we have been collecting new designers to launch into the showroom!! so things are getting exciting even braved to trip to Ikea on Saturday past to buy another cabinet for Jewellery! On the February vibe here are are few Valentine's inspired pieces for you. Sterling Silver pieces are from newcomer Lindsay MacDowall. So cute and very affordable! The Tiny Diamond is from one of our favourites from last year, Stolen Thunder.

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