Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Designer Profile: Death by Diamond & Pearl

Many a designer walks through Godiva doors wanting to sell their work in our showroom and local girl Amanda was one of these upcoming designers.
 I see a lot of people doing the same kind of thing, but sometimes you get that designer who does it just a little differently and skillfully making them that cut above the rest, Death by Diamond and Pearl is definitely one of those labels.  I was so please she walked through the door that day.
Death by Diamond & Pearl is a fantastic and very affordable accessory label based in Edinburgh and for sale in our shop showroom and online

Here is Amanda's response to our designer Q&A.........

Hello, I am …
Amanda from Death by Diamond and Pearl

I design ……… Mostly Accessories at the moment such as statement collar pieces  and various sizes and shapes of bows and bowties. 

When I am creating my typical day involves ………A big coffee, composing a rough list to work through and then making a whole lot of creative mess around my flat with fabrics and threads everywhere! 

When I am not designing and creating I am………….also working part time in a costume shop, reading or catching up with friends and family.

I get inspiration from ……… various places really, I keep an eye on current/upcoming trends. I love fabric stores, charity shops and fairs because the fabric can often inspire the idea for a design. Also talking with people and friends is an invaluable input and a wander around exhibitions and museums can be the well needed motivation to get creative! 

Being an independent designer is important to me because……it’s what I love doing and it’s a great feeling to create and work in your own style. I’ve always supported and admired designers who do it all by themselves.
I knew I wanted to be a designer when I was……designing costume ideas for my childhood hobby which was majorettes ha! 

My greatest achievement so far is …………launching myself into independently designing this year. Even though it’s still early days it’s great to finally be on the ladder and I’m excited about the future. 

I cannot live without……a notebook to jot down ideas that randomly pop into my head and keep a check on the “to do” list, also peppermint tea it’s a staple part to the end of my day, yum.

My favourite thing I have ever bought or found is ……… a red button necklace, I’ve had it for years and often scared to wear it in case I break it! 

White leather Stud collar by Death by Diamond & Pearl 

Thanks Amanda for answering our Q & A! 

Next week Mollie Brown 

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