Monday, 13 June 2011

Stylin' Sisters of Royalty! Pippa Middleton in Rowanjoy & Godiva

There was much excitement this weekend just past when designer Rowanjoy opened up the Saturday Scotsman newspaper to see an article on Pippa Middleton in a Rowanjoy dress, (pictured), while she modeled for a Edinburgh University Charity Fashion Show. Not only are Rowanjoy's creations featured but other Godiva Boutique designers, (pictured), so it was quite an exciting fame day for all.
What was even more exciting is that the pictures just did not stop at the Scotsman!! Pippa Middleton in the blue dress by Rowanjoy was featured in every local and national Saturday paper!! and then consequently fashion bloggers and online gossip pages! it's was amazing to see it spread like wildfire. We are really proud not only of Rowan but of Godiva and the designer we support in the showroom. This fashion show was back in 2004 and was out first ever show. I remember it very well and Pippa. She was very lovely and John Snow was presenting, which for me was exciting. Of course we did not know who Pippa was then and we hope she will now order some more dresses from us soon!

Dress like sisters of Royalty shop at Godiva!

Hopefully Kate will be next!


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