Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A must see in Lisbon!

This is not a museum it' s a bar!
I have neglected my blog due to having a short break to see an old school friend called Karen who currently lives in Portugal. It was lovely, sunny and just the break I needed. Karen lives just outside Lisbon so on the last night we ventured into Lisbon for some dinner and more than a few drinks. After dinner she took me to a bar that she knew I was instantly fall in love with, and she was not wrong!
We walked down a quite street to find ourselves outside a closed and curtained establishment. Karen rang the door bell and a doorman dress in a red waistcoat and bow tied greeted us with a polite smile and let us in to what I can only describe as nicnaks collectors heaven, it's not just a bar it's a museum of the car boot kind.

Pavilhao Chines is a work of art and an experience like no other, it was a great end to my break away. This special place oozes style, unique class, history and someone's personal love and life long dedication in collecting beautiful and bizarre fragments of the past. This place is a must see for anyone visiting Lisbon!

I took some photos but these are only a few of the things that were on show, pugs in African skirts, victorian dolls, model cars, action figures to name but a few quirky ranges, it could take at least a few beers time to get a look in every glass cased cabinet of perfectly poised artifacts. The bar consists of 4 rooms of different themes from war to religion.
I LOVED IT! and thank you Karen.

For those who wish to now go to Lisbon here is a map of where this crazy place is.

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