Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sunny & good times at the Grassmarket Festival

This bank holiday just past designer Rowanjoy and I decided to share a stall at the first ever Grassmarket festival. The day turned out to be really great and those who missed out on the 3 day event really did miss a lovely wee local treat. There was a small selection of stall though i think next year after the success this year there will be more.
We only did the Saturday and the sun shone all day making it very pleasant as we sipped our white wine spritzers and people watched. The Grassmarket was bustling with all sorts of folk it made for some excellent people watching! Reworkd Workshop and Little Sister Lucy, (pictured), two of the designers in the Godiva showroom also had their own stalls too.
The day was also made easy not only from the cheeky wines, some great customers and being in close proximity to Godiva, but also the stage in the middle of the all the stalls hosted a variety of performances. The Dancebase started things off by some ballroom dancing, the Tango in particular was really great. Then Avalanche Records store, a newcomer business to the Grassmarket traders has organised some local new and established Scottish bands to entertain the crowds for the rest of the day. Some of the younger bands I wasn't that into as they enthusiastically screamed into the microphone, sorry guys but am sure somebody appreciated it. However the day ended with a brilliant performance for a band I had heard of, but never actually listened to, called Burnt Island, (featured in last photo). Highly recommend giving these guys a listen.
I could not resist purchasing a wonderful polkadot shower cap from one of the stall, The Night Owl. I was absolutely delighted with it! I have in fact been on a long hunt for such a showercap for quite some time!
After the success of Saturday I wished I has signed up for Sunday. Well done to the organisers and I hope it becomes and permanent feature in the annual calender and more such like festivals are being planned in The Grassmarket....
Thanks to everyone who came to this one and got involved in making it a great day. x

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