Thursday, 19 May 2011

Some of my favourite things..........

As you know Godiva prides itself on being an eclectic mix of independent designer talent. The showroom is currently experiencing a high turnover of different stock both vintage & designer, keeping the shop the freshest fashion spot in town. I decided to take some pics of some of my favourite things in store right now and to show the variety of pieces we have on offer.

Pic one: Rowanjoy's 'Tennis' Dress. This dress is part of her latest summer collection. A masterpiece and ever so pretty.
Pic two: Johari Mani Necklace. This necklace made from polished brass, is actually designed & created by the Kenyan women and community that the Johari foundation support. I love it, I love what Johari stand for and thi has been a top seller. You currently can not buy the necklace anywhere else.
Pic three: Rework'd Workshop Charm necklace. After the success of last year & Christmas this label took a wee break and is now back in action and creating not only necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks & earrings but a new ring design too.
Pic four: Vintage 'Faux' Croc bag. We have had a great selection of these faux animal bags and some real ones too. This is especially great not only because of its good condition but the strap is adjustable.
Pic five: Panther Brooch. Again we have had some really great vintage jewellery finds lately. It's really satisfying having a good source nowadays. We have a big eccentric range in store from animals, fruits, cameos, pearls to name but a few.

See you in the shop soon,
Fleur x

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