Friday, 1 April 2011

The Paper Dress for Fashioning an Ethical Industry

Here at Godiva we have always supported the work of Labour being the label. We have always has a conscience and support ethically produced fashion. This is why our showroom is full of local designers work hand-making their own garments. We are very proud to have this wonderful

one off Paper Dress which has been created by sisters Kate and Fi MacKay, and decorated by local fashion students for a project created by the organisation Fashioning an Ethical Industry.

The project is in support of the of Labour Behind the Label, an organization that promotes awareness and push for change in the working conditions behind many of our high street stores, but most importantly to change people’s perceptions of fashion and encouraging international solidarity between workers and consumers.

Fashioning an Ethical Industry work with fashion based students and tutors to educate and inform the future generation of industry workers, so that they will in turn go on to push for higher standards in their workplace.

The Paper Dress was created at an awareness event that was held in Edinburgh's Drill Hall space, the day revolved around a series of talks, discussions and workshops. We have put this wonderful paper dress in the window of Godiva to help raise awareness of these fantastic campaigners. Please visit their website today and support their work in anyways you can. By either the way you buy your clothes or supporting their campaign by joining up today!

To find out more and how you can get involved please visit:


Have a great weekend! fleur xx

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