Monday, 4 April 2011

Only The Gallus

According to Wikipedia, the word Gallus is, "a british dialect word, cheifly Scottish, derogatory in origin and meaning, wild, a rascal; deserving to be hanged (from the Gallows)'; later meaning
1. Self confident, daring, cheeky;
2. Stylish, impressive. "
Jewellery Designer Caroline Cloughley behind this intriguing, slightly macbre but balanced with beauty is really doing something different and I like it.
It is not that she dislikes Butterflies and Moths but in fact is slightly scared of them. Again she doesn't actively go out with a net and catch them, they are kindly donated by the Edinburgh Butterfly farm once they pass away from natural causes.
I love the concept and definitely have not seen such an imagination before. Caroline is celebrating the beauty of the butterfly, the colours and individual patterns of their wings.
Her work is hand-crafted well with Sterling silver casing and fastenings.
These fasinating pieces are not for everyone but like wikipedia defines, I do think you need a certain amount of daring to wear these hand crafted pieces of art but when you do, you do with great style.
Only the Gallus in now in store with a range of earring and necklaces pop in and check them out for yourself!
Fleur x

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