Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday designer Pic of the Day!

Godiva long term friend, creative fashion designer and Godiva studio dweller Rowanjoy created this emerald Lustre dress as part of her A/W10 range, inspired by her A/W09 Lustre jumpsuit. This one off beautiful dress sold pretty much immediately!
And thanks to Cristina Carra Caso for another great photo for the Godiva designer album.
Rowanjoy is currently working on her S/S11 range and I am about to go down to the studio to, to make at start on the spring cleaning and gathering some materials and clothing in preparation for next weeks relaunch of the customising & reworking project on Wednesday. This project was in fact how I met Rowanjoy all those years ago so here hoping we find another star designer!

Hope you all having a great Friday & have a good weekend! x

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