Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Go-reborn 3

From the success and popularity of go-reborn collective pop-up shops set up by Godiva and Jaco Justice last year, I am really excited to announce there will be a go-reborn 3 this summer and this time it is switching platforms from pop-up to publication. We are still looking for artists, designers, illustrators and creative types to get involved and appear on the pages of this to be glossy one-off celebration all things independent and creative in the city!
So far we have been busy with fashion shoot of graduation designers. Here is a sneak teaser preview of what we got up to in the woods recently. It was a fantastic day shooting, with a top team of artistic minds, hairstylist, make-up artists and I can't wait to check out the final product on the pages of go-reborn 3. These photos are of behind the scenes of the shoot, you will have to wait for the publication to go to press to see the final results. Luckily we got some results, as Jono almost blinded the eye of photographer David Anderson with a stick while searching/playing in the woods for suitable location sites before the shoot. David Anderson did infact shoot all day with a rather painful puffy eye and rushed straight to A&E after! that is dedication in the name of art fashion and go-reborn. I applaud you David and your now eye-patched eye.
If you do want to be involved or have you work feature get in touch as soon as....time is ticking and deadline soon.

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  1. Thanks for sparing the internet a shot of my bloodied eye.

    We got some great results though!