Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Alchemy Arts Author Event tomorrow!!

Kat Mackay is an illustrative artist with a conscious for creativity and recycling, so much so she has been working the last year to produce an excellent paperback book, a kind of "how to" of recycling fashion and craft. The craft book is a combined effort between Kate and Di Jennings, where they combine tales of mythical creatures and ancient customs with up-to-date tips for ethical fashion that seek to inspire rather than simply instruct.
The book launched this month and to celebrate Kate has organised a "recycling is chic" author event offering exhibits of photography and clothing featured in the book, workshops and stalls selling everything recycled and chic! Godiva will be there with a rail of reworked vintage and some designer sale items to choose from, so please support this great book and all the individual who spend their time doing their bit for fashion and the planet by coming up to the event tomorrow!!
It starts at 7:30pm at Christ Church, Morningside, (Holy Corner).

See you tomorrow!

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