Tuesday, 30 March 2010


So yes we WON!! Thank you for everyone who voted. I am now the proud owners of a large printed piece of glassware, (see pic), and very happy in the knowledge that the Godiva Designer Showroom has finally gained some kind of recognition for all the hard work everyone has contributed to the space.
The Scottish Variety Awards are only in their second year but the turn out was huge and with categories such as best new band, writer, comedian, artist, the room was filled with lots of independent creative individuals. The were held in Glasgow at the Crown Plaza, despite the reception being at 7:30 we did not sit down to eat until 9pm and the awards were not until 10:30pm. The night was really good fun, the wine flowed and if I though we were going to win I may not have got so tipsy as my speech probably was not the most coherent and it was 11pm by the time our category was called. Apparently I had my phone voice one so can't of been that bad. I dragged designer Rowanjoy up on stage with me as she has over the years been one of the main designers and supporters of Godiva so it was a pleasure to have her on stage with me to pick up our first award. The rest of the night is a blur. I can say though I think I have one of the most fulfilling and fun weekends and it has taken me until Tuesday to actually getting round to my blog!
Still so very very proud and pleased. A great way to end and start the week. What next I wonder?...........

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