Monday, 8 March 2010


Even though it may not seem like it we are on the countdown to the spring equinox!!! It's traditional this time of year to de-clutter and I am really enjoying it for once.
With this I have finally, after all this time of talking about it, I have got round to creating a seating area in Godiva shop floor and I have to say I am very pleased!! It's great and had my first cup of tea while sitting chatting to Rowan this morning.
The area is predominantly for our Made to Measure consultations but it has been graced today by some tired customers who wish to put their feet up for a moment or two and friends who have popped in for a chat. I also dug out an old coffee machine so your welcome to have a cup of tea or coffee out of one of my random china tea cups.
Pop in soon!! xx

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