Thursday, 29 October 2009

When Godiva met Biba

Last night us Godiva Girls went to a screening of the Independent film called Beyond Biba which can only be described as spending an hour in the company of of Barbara Hulanicki, the founder of one of the most iconic shops ever and one of my personal boutique icons. The film was more about here life after Biba that was cruelly ended in the 70's. Barbara now follows a passion for interior design, after the interior triumph that put Biba on the map, and works full time in Miami. It shows what ever you put your hand to you can do with great style and flare. The highlight of the night was that Barbara was actually there for a Q & A session afterwards and we had the pleasure of actually meeting and her and I spoke to her personally about running an independent store!! This has to be one of the highlights of of my life and I am still smiling. She was such a down to earth and beautiful lady and I was so pleased to get the chance to met her and to introduce her to Godiva. After I got a signature on one of the Godiva flyers I gave her one and she did insist she would be looking up the website soon. So I will keep you posted!

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