Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lady Jukes- jack sparrow meets damien hirst?

Every few days like a child at Christmas I get excited when the postman, like Santa, delivers parcels full of design treats. Today was no exception when I opened up the latest instalment. Continuing on from the forever popular and brilliant Jukes & Proops label, I would like to introduce Lady Jukes, one half of the successful duo, who has branched off into her own tee designing. These are no ordinary tees. Skull pirates I've called them, a kind of Jack Sparrow meets Damien Hirst. With leather fringing, pearl, button and dimonte embellishments each tee has it's own unique character. 
A triumph for the new Lady Jukes I think. The would look great with pair of forever faithful skinny jeans or the still in fashion leggings from the summer. 

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