Monday, 11 August 2014

DIY Project: vintage fringe tee

If you haven't had a rifle through our big purple bargain bins for some vintage goodies then you're missing out! Each item in the bins - dresses, shirts, wooly jumpers, you name it - is priced at just £5, and while some things might not be wearable straight away, with a little creativity they can be turned into something unique!

Last week I spotted this bright pink tee in one of the bargain bins. I loved the cut-out detailing and cute little buttons around the neckline, but the rest of it was just a pretty standard t-shirt. So I decided to break out the scissors and get crafty...

Difficulty: easy - no sewing required
Time taken: one episode of The Great British Bake Off

1. Cut the t-shirt into an even number of strips, each the same length and width, from the hem to about waist-length.

2. Take two strips and tie them together in a single knot; repeat until all the strips have been knotted.

3. Take one strip from each knot, and tie them together in a double knot; repeat all the way around the tee.

4. Repeat for as many rows as you like! I made three rows so there was still some fringeing dangling down.

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