Friday, 11 July 2014

The Godiva Guide to... the Best Cafés in Edinburgh

Living in Edinburgh, we're lucky to have so many wonderful cafés and coffee shops right on our doorstep. And obviously we like to avoid the big name chains (ahem, Starbucks...) whenever we can, and get our caffeine-and-cake fix from an independent instead. Here are our favourites (seems Lovecrumbs is a definite hit!):

(picture from Graham Pow, flickr)

My favourite cafe is Lovecrumbs, not only because it's great to have such a fabulous business open on the West Port making the street more of a destination street, but their excellent baking skills and stylish decor has made it my favourite place to indulge in cake. If you're going to indulge you should always do it in the most stylish and distinguished way. Lovecrumbs most definitely caters for this with their vintage café style and unusual flavour combinations like chocolate and lavender or a peanut butter cake. If you haven't been, then go today!

155 West Port

My favourite cafe - the Fruitmarket Gallery Café. I'm not a coffee or tea drinker so a cafe that also sells wine and cakes is top of my list and the Fruitmarket Gallery does both of those. After having a wander round whichever exhibition is on (currently Jim Lambie, definitely worth a visit to be hypnotised by the floor alone) it's a great spot to sit and watch people go by on Market Street.

The Fruitmarket Gallery
45 Market Street

My favourite cafe is Lovecrumbs. It's close to the shop, independent (which we always support!) and has the most fabulous selection of cakes, teas and coffees. The atmosphere is relaxed, with its eclectic selection of tables, chairs and sofas. The artworks and many cacti give a homey but arty feel that isn't pretentious.

I can't stand coffee but I could drink tea by the bucketload. They don't advise drinking from buckets at Anteaques; instead, they serve up the biggest range of tea I've ever seen in beautiful antique china tea sets. I always think there's something special about drinking from a delicate tea set, and being in Anteaques is like stepping back in time. Plus the green tea cake is to die for!

17 Clerk Street

My favourite coffee house is Filament Coffee on Victoria Street. Robbie who runs it is incredibly friendly and extremely passionate about coffee. It's all about the coffee for me and every week his coffee blends are from somewhere new.

Filament Coffee
5 India Buildings, Victoria Street

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