Thursday, 15 May 2014

Designer Q & A - Naromode

The Glasgow duo Anna and Iain behind the label Naromode have taken the time to answer our designer Q & A. Please do take the time to read the Q & A for a little more insight to one of the most successful Scottish labels to launch in the last year.

 Naromode has taking the independent fashion market by storm with their beautiful whimsical narrative fashion creations which sold out within the first week at Godiva.
Their success is well deserved and long may it continue for this extremely talented duo.

We are currently stocking their first collection of tees and scarves based on the Fairytales Grimms which for me is both beautiful and macabre. We really love this label and we're looking forward to the launch tomorrow of their lookbook of their next collection, Snow White.

Hello, we are:

Anna & Iain, the duo behind Naromode, the illustrative fashion brand.

We design:

We create printed womesnwear clothing, designing all our printed fabrics, producing wearable garments with simple silhouettes. Our focus is on our textile creations.

When we are creating, our typical day involves:

A typical day when creating,  involves reading A Brothers Grimm tale, researching and picking our key parts of the story to design, sketch & illustrate our way through the story, recreating the story onto fabric for digital printing.

When we are not designing and creating, we are:

Working really hard to push Naromode as far as we can. 

We get inspiration from:

We find inspiration from our books, the stories by The Brothers Grimm give us a fantastic source of inspiration. Inspiration is all around and everyone feeds of each other, a lot has been done over and over and its great to be inspired by different talented designers.

 Being independent designers is important to us because:

It is important to us because we get to have complete control designing our own prints, create our own collections, always being original and innovative.

We knew we wanted to be designers when:

After a few internships and being able to create textile designs for different brands we knew we could do it ourselves.

Our greatest achievement so far is:

Our greatest achievement includes being stocked in stores like ‘Godiva Boutique’ in Edinburgh and ‘Kirsteen Stewart’s’ Store in Orkney, which are great platforms to introduce Naromode to more consumers around the UK.

We cannot live without:

Our social networking feeds, keeping everyone up to date with what we get up too.

Our favourite things we have ever bought or found are:

Our vintage Brothers Grimm original tales book collection. 

                                                      Screenprinted fairtrade cotton tees 

                                                            Silk screen printed scarves

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