Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Designer Q & A: Runaway Fox

 Poppy & Luis, the creative duo behind the Edinburgh based Jewellery label called Runaway Fox have taken the time to answer our 'Designer Q & A, here are their super sweet answers and a sneak preview pictures of their new Spring/Summer collection and some old favourite from last year. 

We are so pleased to continue to stock these really original and well crafted designs by Runaway Fox. 
Available in store now. 

Hello, we are:
Luis and Poppy, the creative partnership behind Runaway Fox.

We design:
Hand made laser cut jewellery.

When we are creating, our typical day involves:
There isn't really a typical day! Sometimes we might be at a craft fair, other days we could be up until the wee hours of the morning painting and glueing.

When we are not designing and creating, we are:
Collecting sheep skulls in the hills, performing comedy, drinking tea and eating cake, watching weird films by David Lynch and Lars Von Trier.

We get inspiration from:
All sorts: Finding out how people tick, a fascination with strange traditions, history, the natural world and how we interact with it. This is why Edinburgh was a great place for us to start Runaway Fox.

Being independent designers is important to us because:
As independent designers, we have autonomy. We can put real thought and emotion into our products, so for example we're currently designing for a local mental health charity- it's a cause we both believe in. Independent designers can put real character, personality and authenticity into their designs in a way that mass production can't ever match.

We knew we wanted to be designers when:
We never knew we wanted to be designers- we just pursued the projects we cared most about, and everyone else started calling us designers! Runaway Fox came about because we both wanted to go on an adventure and do something different and creative.

Our greatest achievement so far is:
There's no one particular achievement, just lots of things- like getting our first stockist, producing our first physical design, producing a complete collection and being welcomed into the design and fashion blogging community- there are so many lovely people around!

We cannot live without:
Cats. And tea. But mainly cats.

Our favourite things we have ever bought or found are:
The other day we found an amazing 1940s home knitting book, Luis particularly loved that- Poppy found a guitar floating down a river when she was young, that was pretty cool too!


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