Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Recycled Leather Bag by Godiva!

Hello lovely Godiva followers,  today is a very exciting day. It's the arrival of Godiva's very own leather bag designed by me.
A while back, super skilled bag designer Rebecca Jane approached me asking if I wanted to do a collaboration and design a bag for the shop that she would help create and hand make. I was very flattered and extremely excited I went to work straight away and with some help of Rebecca for the final product design we finally produced this simple, slightly 70's sandal-shape, everyday recycled leather bag, each one unique and one-off. To stamp it with even more of of a Godiva stamp each one has calico lining screenprinted with our Zebracorinicus and lady Godiva.
I love this new bag so much, I actually can't bare to sell them as want to keep them all!
Here are some pictures of design process, screen printing and some pictures of the bags now available in store. 
Each bag is handmade with recycled leather which is super soft and gives the bag a vintage look,  there is an inside zip pocket in the Zebracorn lining and popper fastening to close. These bags are hand made in Britain and due to them being recycled leather they are ethical too!

They are £89 each. 

I hope you love one as much as I do! 

Screen printing at Tessuti studio

Zebracornicus Screen

Lining in Red

Definitely one of my favourite colours, Recycled red leather is super soft.

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