Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Paperthinks Handbags and Accessories

These beautiful Paperthinks accessories have added a pop of colour to Godiva this Spring.  After the first delivery of Paperthinks quickly sold out, we now have more in stock.  Godiva is a proud stockist of this eco-friendly brand.  You will find the colourful bags, purses and Ipad cases in store .  These are the shoppers which come in lovely colours and are a great size for an everyday bag. You can find them in store or online here. 

Paperthinks is “dedicated to producing eco-friendly sustainable and quality products without sacrificing style and design”.  All the products are bound with 100% recycled soft leather which is durable and resilient but still feels light and flexible.  The leather is recycled by compressing an assortment of leather scraps, which are then dried, cut and shaped.  They are then ready for colour treatment before being made in to the new product.  The final product is free of chemicals harmful to the consumer and the environment.

What more could you want than a beautiful environmentally friendly handbag? How about a recycled leather Ipad case to match?  These Ipad cases come in a range of great colours and offer excellent protection for your Ipad.  They are a perfect gift idea.  You can buy them online here.

Also in stock we have these great file folder made from recycled leather.  They are a classic envelope style but more durable and great for protecting your documents.  So why note brighten up your boring office with one of these.  There are lots of colours to choose from here.

Godiva loves Paperthinks because it shares the same eco-friendly values as Godiva.  The products are sustainable which is really important.  Not only that – Paperthinks also has a beautiful design aesthetic, creating simple, classic shaped bags and accessories.  They come in a wide range of colours, including bright and classic colours, which allows consumers to express themselves and convey their personal style. 

Which colour best suits your personality? 

Check out the website are www.godivaboutique.co.uk for more products.

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