Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Recent Vintage Jewellery finds! Owl, Parrots, Squirrels & Clocks .... oh my

This wonderful assortment of vintage jewellery is a recent successful haul of which is all out today in the shop for sale! Though some of it I really don't want to part with, especially the super swot owl with retractable glasses. He's a solid little fella too!
Another amusing piece is the somewhat giant squirrel necklace who has quite a startled look on his face like he's been caught stealing someone else's nuts.
The parrots are beautiful in colour and painted enamel. The giant 'alice in wonderland' pocket watch is a replica but beautiful all the same and an excellent price.
My final favourite piece of which I have another is the double clock pendant. I went on a recent trip overseas and found it most helpful, as I set one of the clocks to UK time and the other to my destination! It came in very handy and exudes super fashion uniqueness at the same time. I love it and still wear it today.
All these items are priced between £8-£20. If you would like a piece kept aside please just email me or call the shop.
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