Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fairtrade Gifts for the home!

As we are in the month of gift giving, here at Godiva we decided to get some alternatives to clothing and accessories. We have gifts for the home! or home type activities. These really gorgeous Aprons and tables set are from our local and Kenyan fairtrade designer label Johari.
These items are all screen printed cotton with the print of the Acacia tree. Very pretty I think you will agree and as I get older I must admit the need for matching table sets and aprons is becoming stronger! I especially like the The Malkia (Queen) Apron for it's cute 50's domestic goddess shape, The Jamala (courtesy) Apron is bibbed and suitable for both men and women chefs! Of these are more than just an Aprons, as Johari products are more than fairtrade as all the profit for Johari sales go back to support the local Kenyan community these products are produced in and help pay for education and important community projects there. 
The Kilele ('At The Top') Table Set consists of a 210cmx40cm cotton table runner and four polyester napkins all with print of the Acacia tree. Easily washable and looks great for any dinner party.  As each Johari garment is unique and individually handmade we only have a limited amount in stock, all now available in store.
The Aprons are £25-£28 and the table set £33.

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