Thursday, 17 March 2011

Salute the Spring sun with these pretty & on trend florals/spots & stripes by Virginia Morley

I personally have been so happy this week to start packing up my winter wardrobe of black cardi's and thick socks to make way to salute the Spring sun with some colour and this season big trend again, floral! Yesterday was not only my birthday but the Equinox of Spring. The days are not longer and longer and the sun is finally gracing us with its presence just in time for these super cute bright floral dress range from designer Virginia Morley.
Virgina is one of the old skool designers for Godiva and a good friend. Now living back in her hometown of Australia she still manages to supply us with her skilled and very pretty work from across the globe!
All Virginia's fabrics have been hunted down and handed down from bygone years giving them a really sense of quality, memories and individuality that you get from using vintage fabrics from bygone years. Each one hand crafted and one off you can't go wrong in investing on one of these newcomers to the showroom.

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