Friday, 3 December 2010

good skills with hammers to ice

It's been quite a week of snow, snow and more snow. Thanks to everyone that turned up to the customer evening last night, I was in fact surprised that people made it through the snow, but we had a lovely night of wine drinking and shopping and the highlight being the custom made cupcakes, sprinkled with mini gingerbread men & candy canes.
The genius of the night was also our use of real snow for the wine cooler!
This morning however the hangover was cleared as designer Rowanjoy and I took to clearing the deathly ice from the front path of the shop. We began with some hot water and shovel, we were receiving quite few strange looks and laughs from car drivers. We then turned our skills to hammering the thick ice with small hammers! which in fact does work just a wee bit slow. A workman felt sorry for us and kindly leant us a larger spade. I can confirm that Rowanjoy is not just a highly skilled fashion designer but also got some great skills with a hammer and shovel to ice. Great way to start the day!

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