Monday, 6 September 2010

This Thursday in Godiva ...

We are very pleased to have an exciting new Autumn/Winter ahead in the Godiva showroom and would like you to come to Godiva for a preview party of what's coming in over the the next few months!

Here is a little taster of the night we hope you can ............

Louise Holsgrove

Keen illustrator and fashion designer Louise Holsgrove, combined her love for illustration and fashion creating a bright and bold print of metropolis. Her hand drawn illustrations show her interests in the concept of Folk and Outsider Art- untaught, uncontrived or spontaneous doodling. Her connection is highly personal and unconventional and a treat to the eyes. Her collection shows a need a for femininity while accommodating the nonchalance and disregard for 90's grunge. Godiva loves it!

Faye Taylor Hackers

Final knitwear collection, named 'Along the Line', finds itself gracing the rails of Godiva this Autumn/Winter. The collection consisted of knitted dresses, of large fabric samples, locked together in an unusual mock intarsia v-bed knitting techniques to create stylish day wear from women. The garments are created with fine merino wool, lambswool and silk. The vibrant colour palette of blue, purple and pinks in this range and the quality of the wools is what makes this easy to wear yet sophisticated dresses a must for this coming season.


Belted winter Kimono capes. Rowan has been busy in the studio since the end of the festival creating her new Autumn/Winter range. The Kimono capes are a beautifully crafted range of tweeds, winter inspired florals and brocades. Rowanjoy never fails to impress the showroom with her imagination and skill combining fabric perfectly to create outstanding one-off garments and we think you will think so to.

Reworked Workshop

Godiva has never seen such popularity grow so quickly like it has with this designer, and after a near sell out, we have a restocked the jewellery cabinet with this stunning work. Each piece cleverly recycled from vintage typewriters, silver charms and collected trinkets are artistically and skilfully put together to create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earring and now even cufflinks.

Fi Mackay

.....Who you maybe see on a weekend in Godiva has started her own line of pretty shift dresses. They have been super popular this summer so far! wore with leggings, patterned tights, cut off denim shorts or jeans these cutely cut shifts can be worn with anything, by anyone and to anything. Perfectly versatile and really affordable. No winter wardrobe should be without one.

There are just too many reason to visit Godiva this Thursday,

We will of course be wetting your fashion appetite with some alcohol and a generous discount on the night so we hope to see you here.

Love Godiva xx

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