Thursday, 13 May 2010

Screenprinting the Zebracorn

Back in 2007 the Zebracorn was created and brought to life on the walls of Godiva by those amazing illustration and design ladies of Good Wives and Warriors and I can't thank them enough. It is admired everyday, been photographed for magazines and I have now given new life by taking it off the wall and onto fabrics. Yesterday was a great day where I have learnt to screenprint and have brought the Godiva Zebracorn image to life.
Now I have this printing skill you are going to be seeing this Zebracorn emblem of Godiva on lots of things and now everyone can own there very own Zebracorn, or Zebracornicus as one customer once suggested.
Check out my day of printing and some of the final results. Still playing with colours and fabric but I reckon this super soft jersey cotton is going to make the perfect summer scarf and shawl! these will be able to be bought on the online shop soon..........x


  1. And it looked lovely on you last night too.

  2. Looks beautiful on fabric. A great design x

  3. Wow, I want! Can't wait till they go on sale. x