Thursday, 29 April 2010

Truely genius work from 'reworked workshop '- I am in love.

I thought I had seen it all when it comes to recycling bit and bobs to create one-off unique jewelery until 'reworked workshop' came through Godiva's door. Creator Amanda Stanford certainly has an eye for unwanted charms and bits that time forgot and skillfully placing them together to create pieces of art. I am amazed I have not seen something this genius before. It is now an absolute pleasure to stock and admire her work on sale now in the shop. Using bits of broken typwriter, old watches and various charms from silver birds, cats, to aeroplanes, trains and ever wonderful pieces of bric a brac you discovered at that parisian flea market and wondered what do to with it or thought one day you would. There is no need to bother now as 'reworked workshop' already have and to a very high standard.
Each piece is brilliantly crafted. From hairpins to badges, braclets and necklaces there is something for everyone. These photos really do not do this work justice so please pop in and check it out for yourself soon. xx

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  1. What a brilliant idea – wonderful creations xxx