Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Some Saturday Stylin'

The January sale is in full swing and there are bargains aplenty. As a shop owner sale time for me can be frustrating in other shop as they strip back their shops and things seems a little lifeless and cheap. I however like to keep the energy up and we have plenty of mini projects running in Jan and Feb.
Fi my weekend most helpful pretty shop assistant has this month the help of a keen new wannabe young fashion journalist James Cunningham and together they spent Saturday styling up, mixing and match old and new to create some great looks.
Each week for the the next few month Fi and James will be working in Godiva on Saturdays styling and having fun.
Here is a quick example of their work and I look forward to featuring more in the weeks to come........... x
The outfit comprises of a Rowanjoy ruffle rara skirt, USA vintage tee, vintage 1940's tweed hat and the ever popular Jukes&Proops bag, the one once again a one off recycled from vintage leather jackets.

1 comment:

  1. just love that bag!!! and the skirt
    looking good girl xxx