Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Go-reborn canvas creation - Matthew Swan

It's been a long time since we did the Go-reborn collective in August. For those who never popped down to visit it here is the website to jog your memory, http://www.go-reborn.co.uk/

We invited local artist and illustrators to come down and invited them to work on a 2 m by 2m canvas each. It was a fantastic opportunity for the artists to display their talent and be part of this local pop-up guerilla collective.
Their only brief was that the Godiva team of designers would be abstracting the final piece into something else and here is the first installment of what we have decided to do with Matt Swan's illustration canvas! Each doll is stuff with pillow stuffing and fabric cut offs, and backed with tartan tweed/wool.
Matt is in his final year at ECA and spent 3 days completing this work at the go-reborn studio space.

These dolls would look great on and sofa, bed, chair, mantle or keeping just you company. Add some individuality to your home and support talented designers. They will make the perfect Christmas present for the discerning and determinedly different. Each doll also come wrapped with an individual information card.

Let us knw what you think!

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