Wednesday 6 March 2013

Lalesso now in store at Godiva!

Here at Godiva we are proud to now be selling Lalesso. Lalesso is a brand based in Kenya which produces amazing statement pieces for summer, inspired by the unique beauty of the East African ‘lesso’ to create an ethical fashion label. If you love bold, graphic prints then Lalesso will definitely be for you! We have a range of their dresses in Godiva, but what the whole collection has in common is how comfortable and easy to throw on the pieces are, whilst still looking effortlessly chic. The collection includes a lot floaty cuts that would suit all body types and all pieces are beautifully printed and colourful, but still are easy to work with in an outfit and look great paired with simple accessories and plain/nude colours.

Besides Lalesso having such a vibrant and unique design aesthetic, they are also a brand which is in keeping with the Godiva ethos of sustainable fashion. In purchasing Lalesso your money won’t just be buying an original and amazing piece of clothing, but will also go towards helping others.

Firstly, Lalesso is one of the first fashion brands in the world which is totally carbon zero. Lalesso is able to practice carbon offsetting though working with the company CO2 Balance that not only takes measures to protect the environment but also makes efforts to a have a positive social impact on East African communities. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to buy from Lalesso, then you should be convinced by the way in which Lalesso make such a huge effort to invest back into Kenya, a country which has so much to offer in terms of design. Lalesso is a brand that helps to create employment with fair wages helping to bring their staff out of poverty and improve their quality of life.

Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heusser, founders of Lalesso, also started up SOKO, a charity based ethical clothing production unit that employs local talent to create eco-friendly fashion. In harnessing the raw talent of the local Kenyans, Lalesso is able to provide unique aspects to their clothing which other brands simply couldn’t, such as hand carved coconut beading, brass work and masai beading, all adding to the individuality of the brand whilst supporting a great cause.

A Lalesso dress would make the perfect summer evening outfit; eye-catching yet comfortable. Whilst Lalesso is an incredibly original brand, which is fairly consistent in the style of clothing it produces, the kind of pieces that would be on sale at Godiva would also be very trendy with graphic prints featuring heavily on the Spring/Summer 2013 catwalks, such as this vibrant Mary Katrantzou dress:

Godiva is the only place that will be selling Lalesso in Scotland, once again proving it is the one-stop shop for exclusive buys which you won’t be able to come by anywhere else.
Lalesso is available on the online store, or feel free to pop in store this Thursday evening (7th of March) to get a first-hand look at this label where it will be featuring for the first time in the Godiva store.

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